< His compositions capture the essence of a situation. Portraits of architects, legendary musicians, entertainers and industry heavyweights are as diverse as each subject’s character.

Claudio Bader seeks to encounter his opposite, instead of mirroring himself: the environment is always accurate, the expression always honest.

Bader's industrial pictures are characterised by a refreshingly cool beauty; views of interiors and exteriors that are out of the ordinary. Tunnels, nerve centers in banks and companies, manufacturing and hydroelectrical plants - here he is devotedly precise.

In his versatile editorial reportages he creates depth, in both meanings of the word, with an image architecture where aesthetics do not compete with content. 

Bilingually raised in the Italian part of Switzerland, Bader sees himself as a “cittadino del mondo”, moving effortlessly between different cultures and languages, and taking inspiration from these diverse worlds.
A fascination for technique, symmetry and coolness in their purest form, an Italian sense of beauty, art and culture, and a rich and colorful nature are the poles within which Bader playfully engineers his images. 

With his studio based in Lugano, he works for renowned magazines, newspapers and companies all over Europe. >

Bea Czykowski



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